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Website bespoke creation and content management

St Paul's CE Primary School, Hounslow

We worked with Barker & Co. to design and launch a new school website. We spent some time researching website providers, having a fairly clear idea of what we wanted the website to be able to do and how we wanted it to operate.

Most companies we approached either had a set template and structure into which we had to fit or had semi-bespoke options. The pricing structure also differed between providers, with many having an annual charge. Barker & Co. gave a single price to deliver a fully functioning website, with no further tie in necessary. At Barker & Co. we had a named representative who handled the whole process from initial enquiry, to delivery and on-going satisfaction and support calls.

In preparing to quote for our website, Mr Barker met with me to discuss our design and content requirements. He also met a group of my pupils who had developed some of their own ideas for the website. These have been incorporated in the new site. During the initial meeting there were no ‘pre-sets’ or templates into which we had to fit.

I was clear that I wanted the editing and modification aspect of the website to be accessible to all staff and to be straightforward to use. Barker & Co. worked to ensure that this was realised in the end product. The site was designed around my brief, with some professional modifications suggested and either accepted or rejected. The design and build process gave an opportunity to test run new ideas and modifications. Barker & Co. also organised professional photography to capture the best of the school for our website. Given that the school site was a building site and classes were in temporary accommodation following a major fire, this was no mean feat.

I am really delighted with our new school website. The design and manageability are great. Staff from across the school can upload and modify information easily.

Working with Barker & Co. has been a pleasure. They showed real interest in what we wanted and have worked to realise every aspect of our design brief. They are at the end of a phone or email if I have further queries or want an addition to the site.

I would recommend Barker & Co. to any school seeking a website that meets their own brief, that comes without on-going maintenance/hosting costs and who want personal attention to their design and vision.

John Wright

St Pauls Church of England Primary School website design development Hounslow, London UK


Website bespoke creation and content management

The Orchard Primary School, Hounslow

We were asked by The Orchard Primary School in Hounslow to create a new website and to update their identity.

After initial meetings, we were able to carry out new photography, both inside and outside of the school, and to create new designs which we took through to completion — all within the agreed timeframe and with minimal need for the school's intervention.

We use ExpressionEngine content management system, to allow the school to easily update the website themselves.

And the website is responsive which means it displays correctly on all platforms, including smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.

The Orchard primary school hounslow website design


Website bespoke creation and content management

Alexandra Primary School, Hounslow

alexandra primary school hounslow website design


Website bespoke creation and content management

Worple Primary School, Hounslow

worple primary school hounslow website design


Website bespoke creation and content management


Barker School Websites undertook the task of updating and redesigning our company website. They managed all aspects of the project from creative brief to design, photography and launch with care, attention to detail and intelligence.

During the initial creative brief, they took the time to understand our requirements, from both a creative and technical side. They described the stages clearly, what was required from us and recommendations for what would work best.

The design process could not have been easier. Barker School Websites applied intelligent decisions from the initial creative brief to create not only a stunning looking website but also a robust, high performance, future-proof design. After the creative brief, very little input was required from us due to these intelligent decisions, meaning we were not having to spend time away from our clients to manage the project. Instead we were presented with a design that exceeded our requirements and exceptions in every regard.

The photography organised by Barker School Websites was professional and personally directed by them. The resulting photographs had already been selected, colour corrected and suited the requirements of the site perfectly. As with the design, we did not have to spend a long time looking through thousands of photographs from the various shoots to find the best ones, that had all been done for us.

Launching the site was a incredibly easy affair and it was online exactly when we requested without any issues. Since launch we have made requests to add or change aspects as our company has evolved and this has been done quickly, without fuss and exactly as we have asked.

I could not recommend Barker School Websites highly enough and we will continue to use them for all of our branding, marketing and promotion in the future.

Adam Pearce
Managing Director, Strawberry7
28th August 2018

strawberry7 ict support schools hounslow website design development Hounslow, London UK


Website bespoke creation and content management

Wellington Primary School, Hounslow

Barker & Co. have been incredibly helpful in not only setting up our impressive new website, but in also supporting the development of the site and our marketing as we expand our school across two sites. We have been particularly pleased with the quality and the responsiveness of both the team and their product. Rupert and his team bring a wealth of commercial experience and quality to schools and have enabled us to rethink how we communicate to other stakeholders online. We would highly recommend their work.

Debbie Norton
28th March 2017

wellington primary school website design development Hounslow, London UK


Website bespoke creation and content management

Southville Junior School, Hounslow

The Southville Junior School website has been redesigned quickly and efficiently by Barker School Websites.

We have been very pleased with the reaction from parents, Governors and staff. The website is easy to navigate and is full of information presented clearly and effectively.

The photography and layout helps to promote the ethos at Southville.

Barker School Websites has worked hard to support the school in the developmental process, offering expertise and guidance and a very professional service throughout design, development and into management of the site.

John Norton
25th November 2016

southville junior school website design development Hounslow, London UK


ICT support

Orchard Primary School, Hounslow

I have known Strawberry7 for nearly 3 years in their capacity as ICT support at Orchard Junior School and Orchard Primary School. During this time Adam has worked with great commitment and loyalty to the school. He was involved in the organisation of our improved network system following our amalgamation in 2008 and continues to ensure that he gives us the best possible advice and support in all areas of ICT. He has been involved in the procurement and maintenance of resources, arranged for repair, liaised with companies when we have considered upgrading and installing equipment and has also supported in class when time has allowed ensuring that pupils have had the best possible ICT experience.

Adam is a flexible and adaptable person who works well in the school environment. He has become an integral member of the Orchard Primary School staff and I can fully recommend his services to you.

Christine Haslam


ICT support

St Mary's RC Primary School, Isleworth

Strawberry7 have empowered us to move forward with our ICT at a speed and in a way that suits us. In six months Strawberry7 has assisted us with the implementation of iPads, Macs, a new server, new PCs, a change of internet provider and a network refresh.

Adam is a valuable member of staff who is willing to take on any task and ensure it is completed with professional responsibility. With his valuable advice and support, we always feel confident that our ICT is moving forward to meet staff and students expectations.

Farley Marsh


ICT support

St Paul's CoE Primary School, Brentford

Strawberry7 stepped into the breech for us at what was a very difficult time. He immediately sorted out our requirements for the future and also provided us with the support which we had missed during this period.

We are able to rely upon Adam to sort out the day to day issues and also to provide us with a working plan for the development of IT across the school.

He is always up to date with the information he gives us regarding the development of new technologies and equipment and is very keen to support these in school.

He has worked closely with the IT coordinators of the school, seeking to advise them as they further develop the technology within the school. He is always at the end of the phone, providing assistance as we need it. He is able to suggest alternative providers for the myriad of services linked to IT and is never fazed by the questions fired at him.

Adam has also worked on behalf of the school as it moves towards the switch over from one provider to another – not an easy task. He has helped us to keep to deadlines and has ensured that the company has as full a picture of our needs as is possible.

Sandra James