Once we have completed the new website design and uploaded it so that it is live, you will be able to update all sections yourself.

As many members of staff as you wish – or as few as you wish – will be able to add information. It is quick and easy, so for instance, text, videos and photos from a sports day, a school play, news, galleries, changes to policies and calendar updates can all be achieved immediately. And you can use most platforms such as PCs, Macs and tablets.

So children, parents, everyone, will be able to see new events on the website when they get home the same day!

We can include tuition to help you get started and we are here to make updates for you if you need us too, as well as look after the website.

To have a chat about your requirements please call Rupert Barker on 01483 440418.

Alternatively, why not send us an email to:

Barker and Co school website content management
Barker and Co school website content management