A bit about us

Barker & Co. School Websites is a specialist company that creates unique website designs for schools.

We start by coming to see you and learning about what you really want. Then we create a website that is completely unique and original.

There are 3 different ways in which the website can be updated once it has been launched.

1. The school can manage updates directly. This is possible because we use ExpressionEngine® which allows for easy content management by the end user.

2. We can update and expand your website plus provide ongoing support.

3. There can be a combination of both where the school does certain updates that they feel are appropriate and we do more major updates. Furthermore, we can also provide specialist ICT support.

To have a chat about your requirements call Rupert Barker on 01483 440418. Alternatively, why not send us an email to: contact@barkerschoolwebsites.com

Testimonials and examples

Worple Primary School, Hounslow

We were asked by Worple Primary School in Hounslow to create a new website and to update their identity.

After initial meetings, we were able to carry out new photography, both inside and outside of the school, and to create new designs which we took through to completion — all within the agreed timeframe and with minimal need for the school's intervention.

We use ExpressionEngine content management system, to allow the school to easily update the website themselves.

And the website is responsive which means it displays correctly on all platforms, including smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.

worple primary school hounslow website design

Wellington Primary School, Hounslow

“Barker & Co. have been incredibly helpful in not only setting up our impressive new website, but in also supporting the development of the site and our marketing as we expand our school across two sites. We have been particularly pleased with the quality and the responsiveness of both the team and their product. Rupert and his team bring a wealth of commercial experience and quality to schools and have enabled us to rethink how we communicate to other stakeholders online. We would highly recommend their work.”

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wellington primary school website design hounslow

Our service

School website bespoke creation
We can come and visit you to discuss your requirements. We will listen to what you want and offer advice. Then we will create a unique bespoke website design for your school.
Content management tools
We use ExpressionEngine® which allows the end-user to update the website themselves. Any number of teachers can quickly and easily upload new information as soon as it becomes available.
Website and ICT support
We can update the website if needed and we are always here to help with support. In addition we also provide full ICT support and advice for all matters relating to school ICT infrastructure.